Prescription Vineyards is Crashing the Whiskey Party at South Beach Wine & Food Festival this February!

Prescription is the Exclusive Wine Sponsor of Steak & Whiskey Hosted by Chef Michael Symon

Yes, you heard that right, Prescription Vineyards is crashing the Steak & Whiskey party hosted by Chef Michael Symon at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival this February. We’ll demonstrate how our Clarksburg Chardonnay pairs beautifully with steak. Our higher acidity (than most California Chardonnays) cuts through the fat of steak while its lush mouthfeel matches the rich texture of the meat.

Talk to northern Italians, they’ve been drinking white wine with steak for centuries. The tradition: finish your steak with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sea salt. Just like a sip of Prescription Chardonnay, the acidity of the lemon nicely contrasts the fat in steak and helps break down the collagen, giving the meat a balanced flavor profile and a succulent bite. The sprinkle of sea salt intensifies aromas, balances other flavors, makes the meat taste juicier, and increases tenderness while making your wine taste softer and more luscious.

The Steak & Whiskey event is part of the Miami Design District Event Series. This walk-around event will sizzle when more than 20 of the country’s greatest chefs come together to dish out their highest quality steak bites, paired perfectly with whiskey cocktails from the Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits portfolio…and Prescription Vineyards Chardonnay! The event takes place at the iconic Jungle Plaza and celebrates the Design District’s innovative fashion, architecture, design, and world-class dining.

Steak & Whiskey Takes Place at the Miami Design District’s Famed Jungle Plaza

(Photo courtesy of Miami Design District)